Search Engine Optimisation Consultant

I help small to large businesses grow organic traffic across desktop, mobile web and mobile app.


SEO Technical Audits

Website audit is the place to start to obtain SEO clarity and results. This is where I open up the site to uncover any issues preventing growth.

Content Strategies

Getting your content right, creates a solid foundation to support all other SEO efforts. From keyword targeting to good customer experience.

Link Earning

Building content assets that people would want to link to is the answer to scaling link building. Better suited for business in a very competetive market.

Advantages of a well optimised site

Businesses have great deal to gain from investing in a specialist SEO service, as it has longevity which is not the case with many other channels. My work involves strategies, techniques and tactics that help attract more prospective clients by obtaining first page ranking positions in search engines like Google.

Cost effective

SEO is one of the most cost-effective and sustainable marketing channels your business can invest in.

Increased usability

SEO isn't just about driving traffic to a website. It also incorporates usability to turn visitors into customers.

Increased sales

Organic wins traffic 90% of the time. The result is more traffic and increased leads and sales.

Brand awareness

Having your website in the top positions means more exposure for your brand on the most cost effective channel.

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SEO Traffic Growth Options

I have various pricing options depending on the size of your site and how competitive your industry is.

Small Businesss

Starting R5K

For small businesses operating in a low competitive industry

Up to 10 pages

  • Retainer period: 1 month + Free 2 months support

Medium Business

Starting R10K

Medium size businesses in a medium competitive industry

Up to 20 pages

  • Retainer period: 1 month + Free 2 months support

Large Business

Starting R15K

For large businesses operating in highly competitive industry

Up to 40 pages

  • Retainer period 1 month + Free 2 months support


Starting R20K/mo*

For eComm and large publishing sites

Unlimited pages

  • Retainer period: 6 months

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