Search engine optimisation

Investing in organic SEO is more important now than ever. Your business definitely needs to have an SEO strategy in place if you are interested in succeeding in terms of online marketing; it remains one of the single most important components of any organisation's branding efforts and online presence.

Key compontents that drives your organic growth

SEO Audit

SEO audit forms the basis of your growth strategy. This is where I open up the site to uncover any issues preventing growth.


I make sure that search engines can access your site on desktop & mobile


Here I determine if search engines are actually indexing your pages

On-Page Ranking Factors

I analyse your page against factors that influence search engine rankings.

Link analysis

Quality links are still the most important ranking factor. I eliminate the junk and atract quality links.

Competitor analysis

Having a clear picture of your competitors is essential to formulating your growth strategy.

Local search

I make sure you show up for local searches. This is an easy win.

Content strategy

Google and other search engines are making a shift from traditional SEO to quality and authoritative content. Users also love great content.

Content & code ratios

Identifying thin content is key to other on page ranking factors.

Content quality check

Low quality content puts any visitor off. I conduct a critical audit of your content.

Duplicate content check

I eliminate duplicate content issues that cause rakings and traffic loss.


Your content must be accessible to search engines or it simply won't index it.

Keyword targeting

Keyword targeting is an integral part of your traffic growth success.

Content plan

Great content is the foundation of good SEO and an integral part of online marketing

On page optimisation

Google uses a variety of on page factors to rank your page. I make sure we cover them giving your page the rank it deserves.

Title tag optimisation

Titles is an important on page ranking factor. Gain the most from it.

SEO friendly URL's

Keeping url's clean, relevant and descriptive is key to engaging users.


Adding modifiers help you rank for longer search phrases.

Rich media

Rich media engage users, reduce bounce rates and keep visitors around for longer.

Heading tags

Heading tags defines which parts of your content are important

Keyword usage

Keywords should be present and well placed on the page

Responsive design

Regardless of a site’s needs, one feature that is critical to all sites’ success is mobile-friendliness.


Linking to your most important content is key to telling Google what your most important content is.

Page speed

Vistors are not patient so give them the best experience.


Google looks for synonyms to deternine a page relevancy. Use it well.

Image optimisation

No one likes to wait. Fast loading images and desciptive text is key.

Social sharing

Just like links, Google factors in social sharing. Give visitors a reason to share

Word count

Longer content tends to rank much higher. More content also captures more search volume.

Time spent on page

High bounce rates signals a poor expeience. Google factors this in so give visotors a reason to stay.

Link earning

No short cuts! A scalable natural link strategy is what gets you to the top and keeps you there.

Backlink analysis

I review your existing link profile against a number of different metrics.

Link cleanup

Cleaning up a toxic dead beat link profile is key to moving forward.

Content pillars

This where the fun starts. I work with you to find the best suited and most valuable content piece that will attract links and generate leads.

Pengiun recovery

If you fell for one of the snake oil link building packages then there is a good chance you have been hit by a penatly. I'll do the mopping up.


If you can't measure it, you can't improve it. I make sure you have the right measurements in place to make informed business decisions.

Google analytics

I implement tracking for new sites and existing sites that aren't making full use of Google's powerful tracking suite.

Google tag manager

Tag manager offers many features to fine tune tracking and is a great add on for Google Analytics

Advanced web ranking

This is where I track your keywords rankings across different devices, countries and search engines.

SEO Dashboard

The client dashboard is where you can track performance and my progress


About Me

I have a broad skill set that I have built up over the past 11+ years in digital marketing. This enables me to deliver sales through various channels and strategies and includes SEO, SEM, Remarketing and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram paid media. - Pierre Laing

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